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Earlier this year, Chevrolet reported that over 140,000 orders have been placed for the new Chevy Silverado EV across its multiple trim levels. That number has continued to grow, and according to GM Authority, up to 85,000 orders are for the Work Truck fleet trim.

The fleet orders have been placed by around 370 companies looking to add to or replace their current fleets with electrified models. Part of this, said GM Fleet vice president Ed Peper, is that service is simpler and more affordable for EVs compared to combustion engine-driven trucks.

It’s not hard to see why companies are interested in the Silverado EV. The electrified version of the iconic pickup boasts impressive towing and hauling ratings, with over 780 lb-ft of torque powering it. Chevy says the Silverado EV Work Truck will eventually be able to tow up to 20,000 pounds.

The 2024 Silverado EV can also drive up to 400 miles on a single charge, and with more EV charging stations popping up every year, it’s easier and faster than ever to charge EVs on the go.[1] Companies will definitely save a lot of money on fuel costs by using EVs.

The Silverado EV doesn’t release until spring of next year. But you can contact us at Ressler Chevrolet in Bozeman, Montana, to learn more about this innovative truck!

[1] First edition RST GM-estimated range on a full charge based on current capability of analytical projection consistent with SAE J1634 revision 2017 – MCT. Actual range may vary based on several factors, including temperature, terrain, battery age, loading, and how you use and maintain your vehicle. EPA estimates not yet available.

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